The most common insurance coverages.

The most common insurance coverages are highlighted below:

Travel insurance

Common inclusion for many cards.

  • Customers find travel insurance the most valuable inclusion.
  • Found in over 45% of credit cards in Australia.
  • Over 90% of premium credit cards feature this type of cover*

Extended warranty insurance

Up to an additional 12 months.

  • When the cardholder’s credit card is used for the entire purchase of a large household or personal item.
  • The cover extends the manufacturer’s expressed Australian warranty on the purchased personal goods/business items.
  • Can be up to an additional 12 months warranty.

Price protection insurance

Repair or replace.

  • When the cardholder’s credit card is used to purchase a personal retail item.
  • Purchase protection covers the cost of repairing or replacing the item in full if that item is lost, stolen or accidentally damaged.

Price Guarantee

Competitive, comparative pricing.

  • Some cards include price protection cover
  • If you purchase an item from a retailer and the same item is for sale at a competing retailer, you may be eligible to claim for the difference.