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The providers of insurance will have slight variations to their claims procedures. Details on how to claim is outlined in the Product Disclosure Statement which can be found for your individual card insurance policies via the Review Your Cards section of this website in the Document tab.

What if I cannot find my credit card within the list?

Sorry you cannot locate your card, most of the time this means your card does not offer free insurances, however, please send us an email and tell us the type of card you cannot find, we will get back to you as soon as we can.

I need help understanding my benefits, activation criteria or PDS

Virgil would love to help, please call 1300 240 460 and a Virgil agent will be happy to help.

I am planning to travel soon, can I buy travel insurance?

Yes, click to get a quote now

I am unable to log in to my user account

Please email us at

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Phone: 1300 240 460