Questions & Answers

  • What happens if I don’t disclose a pre-existing medical conditions?

    Travel insurance policies will typically automatically cover some existing medical conditions. Other existing medical conditions will require assessment and if approved, may require an additional premium to be paid to effect cover.

    If you do not disclose existing medical conditions, you are at risk of having a claim declined by the insurer.

    Please read the applicable Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for coverage details which you can access via the Review Your Cards section of this website in the Document tab.

  • If I don’t meet the activation criteria?

    If the insurance policy has activation conditions, in order to be eligible for the insurance benefits contained in your card, you must first activate the cover. The Product Disclosure Statement will outline eligibility criteria and what you must to activate cover under the Travel Master Policy.

    If you are not eligible or fail to meet the activation requirements, you are at risk of being uninsured and having a claim declined by the insurer.

  • Can I purchase additional travel insurance?

    The cover provided by your credit card may not match your expectations (for example, because an exclusion applies).  You should review eligibility criteria and benefits and read the terms and conditions of each of the covers provided.

    If you decide to consider purchasing a travel insurance policy, Virgil Assist Pty Ltd is an authorized representative of Cover-More Insurance Services Pty Ltd and can provide you with a quote by clicking on the GET COVER NOW button in the Review Your Cards section of this site.

Claims support

  • How to claim

    The providers of insurance will have slight variations to their claims procedures. Details on how to claim is outlined in the Product Disclosure Statement which can be found for your individual card insurance policies via the Review Your Cards section of this website in the Document tab.


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