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The most common insurance coverages

The most common insurance coverages are highlighted below:

Travel insurance

Customers typically find this the most valuable inclusion is comprehensive travel insurance. Travel insurance cover of one sort or another was found to be available in a majority of credit cards products analysed in Australia. Cover varies significantly from entry level cards to premium credit cards.

Extended warranty insurance

When using a credit card to purchase a large household or personal item, cover extends the manufacturer’s expressed Australian warranty on personal goods/business items purchased, provided the entire purchase is charged to the cardholder’s eligible credit card account. The most common coverage entitles card holders to double the coverage period up to 1 year.

Guaranteed pricing/Price protection insurance

This means that if you’ve just purchased something in-store and then see it advertised elsewhere or at the same retailer for less, your credit card insurance provider will pay the difference or a lump sum amount. This coverage is typically available in premium cards and has time restrictions and per item claim limits.