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Virgil empowers customers to unlock untapped value from their everyday credit cards.

The challenges for customers with credit card insurance.

Insurance benefits are complex, and customers have multiple free insurance coverages embedded in their credit cards.

Virgil Assist is here to solve all these issues. Find out how we help banks educate their customers.

What we do
Confusing Policies

Complexity in (PDS) policy wording leads customers to inadvertently trust cover without understanding the limitations.

Double Dipping

Risk adverse customers often purchase insurance, despite having cover available within their credit cards. They should only buy additional Gap Cover instead of full policies.

Claims Process

Packaged banking card products have the lowest claims frequency at less than 10%, half the normal rate. Easily collating claims information is difficult.

Expiry & Gaps

Customers want an easy way to track their cover, manage warranty expiry and purchase any gap cover.


The Numbers

Australian Market

16.7 million credit cards

1.6 million have 3+ cards

37% of cards have insurance

Travel Insurance

$1.6 billion in premiums

10 million trips taken

9 in 10 Aussies travel insured

Extended Warranty

$1 billion in premiums

~82.5% purchasing 3 years

> 30% buy EW products

# Source Finaccord 2016, 2020
# Survey of Australians’ Travel Insurance Behaviour -2017 – Quantum
# Finder.com.au ‘State of the Credit Card Market’

What we do


For partners with embedded credit card insurance programmes, we strengthen brand through education, purchase data and insurance premium offset potential.

We help partners to:

Enhance the service offering to unlock value for card holders
Shift the focus from procurement to customer value
Introduce service as the central reason to:
  • Capture purchase receipts
  • Review Credit Card cover linked to planned activity of travel and purchases
  • Tailor cover to increase value – stand alone + GAP products
About Virgil Assist

Meet Virgil the insurance nerd.


Simplify PDS interpretation

Help customers understand their included insurances and only purchase additional cover they need. Customers are buying policies when they already have protection.


Branded portal for warranty storage

Customers can simply scan and upload their purchases and itineraries to assess insurance, purchase any gaps and manage warranty expiry and claims.


Streamlined claims and customer service

Introduce service as the central reason to access value. Integrated claims management ensures an end to end solution customers will love.

How we help

Partner Solutions

Virgil provides a full integrated solution.

Custom Branded Portal

Custom branded portal for all customer interactions such as receipt upload and data gathering, pricing and claims management

SAAS or API Solutions

Partners can use a customer identifier iframed SAAS solution or use API for data transfer

Realtime Management

Platform and underwriting to manage real time warranty and insurance sales

Customer Management

Customer and Account management where required inlcuding administration and reporting

Extended Warranty

Protect your purchased items

Upload your receipt & add additional protections through a fully branded portal.

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Travel Insurance

Fill the gaps
on your trip

Having appropriate insurance for travel requires more than simply having a travel insurance policy.

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Claims Portal

Easy online Claims

Easy claims portal for registered items and trips. Criteria checklist and easy uploads area.

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Auto Insurance

Protected on the road?

Add auto coverage insurance & roadside assistance easily through a whitelabel portal.

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