Meet Virgil.

Virgil is your nerdy friend that has a passion for detail – basically we mean the boring stuff that you know you will never understand. You will love him, he will help you understand your free insurance covers available within credit cards or assist you if you are in trouble, for example you may be overseas when a medical emergency occurs.

Virgil will be able help you understand your insurance benefits and instantly provide useful information such as benefit limits, phone numbers and claims support.

Virgil is always hard at work, trolling through complex insurance wording and thinking of how to make this easy for you to understand. This is what he lives for, what you find boring and overwhelming, Virgil loves. Virgil is in his happy place when he is deep in the detail.

Virgil can help you:

  • Understand the free insurance benefits available within credit cards
  • Highlight your cards activation criteria
  • Identify the benefit limits within your cover
  • Purchase travel insurance if you are not satisfied with your credit card offering
  • Administer a Claim 


cam profile

Cameron Pearson

Chief Executive Officer

An accomplished senior executive with extensive local and international experience with a broad range of expertise in driving value for organisations. Cameron has worked across group strategy, marketing, brand, communication and sales across multiple industry segments including insurance, medical and healthcare, with a proven and sustained track record in growing businesses and creating shareholder value.

He has led organisations to institutionalise an outside-in mindset through a deep understanding of customer behaviour and has used this as the basis for the development of Virgil.

Over the past 15 years, Cameron has worked in the travel insurance and medical assistance markets, working for Allianz Global Assistance and the Cover-More Group the # 1 and # 3 largest travel insurance companies in the world.

Through his experience, it was clear the customers were perplexed by insurance policy wording and Virgil was born, focusing on helping customers to leverage the benefits they have available to them through their credit cards.


Kelsey Ross

Head of Operations & Technology

Kelsey has a depth of project management and marketing experience across government, insurance and financial services industries. Kelsey has an impressive background in project delivery and always commits to a results-oriented approach.

Kelsey has worked alongside Cameron in Travel Insurance responsible for marketing, project management and regional office interface with local business units. Kelsey has worked on Virgil since the early stages of development.