Meet Virgil

Your friendly insurance nerd, here to help you understand the complicated world of insurance.

Helping Customers

Insurance, simplified.

Virgil is your nerdy friend that has a passion for credit card insurance, the boring stuff you know you will never understand. You love him, you want him to help make sense of your insurance covers or even help when you are in trouble, but you want to keep him hidden – frankly he is a little embarrassing and makes for terrible dinner conversation.

Virgil is hard at work, trolling through complex insurance wording and thinking of how to make this easy for people to understand. This is what he lives for, what other people find boring and overwhelming, he loves it. Virgil is in his happy place when he is deep in the detail of policy wording and helping his friends.

Virgil has one objective in life, to help customers leverage the value from free insurance products available within credit cards and banking products.

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Mission & Values

Our Purpose

Empowering people to unlock value from their everyday credit card products

Our Mission

To make credit card insurance easy to understand and rely on with confidence

Our Experience

Lead by industry experts with 100 combined years of experience

Our Values
Delight people with the unexpected
  • Easy to access relevant information
  • Leverage value out of something they did not realise they have…
Helpful by making the complex simple
  • Simplifying the complex
  • Transparency – easy to find what you need
Likeable by being a pleasure to deal with
  • If you are not sure, ask Virgil
  • Approachable, nothing is too much trouble
  • If we don’t know the answer, we will find out
Independent, informed choice without bias
  • Giving customers the confidence, they have the appropriate covers
  • Your information is sacred, the more you share, the more we can help

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