Purchase protection

The Challenge

Help customers keep track

Customers commonly have no record of where they purchased an item, how they paid for it and what warranty they have available should something go wrong.

The Solution

Receipt capture

Virgil assesses the card benefit based on planned travel and tailor recommendations including:

Manufacturer Warranty
Any additional warranty you get through your credit card

GAP Cover

Offer GAP (Accidental Damage, plus other) cover as an alternative to the retailer proposition.


Purchases are stored with relevant warranty information which we will use to send you reminders of expiring warranty and support future claims.


Warranty Market


5,929 million policies#

$1 billion in premium

~82.5% purchasing every 3 years

30% buy extended warranty

> 41% buy E.W. for purchases over $2000

# Source Finaccord 2016, 2020 - Extended Warranties and Insurance for Mobile and Non-Mobile Consumer Products in Australia 

Educate, Capture & Assess

Add protection, Store & Service

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